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What Every Nurse Needs to Know About Ebola

ONA is committed to reducing the impact of Ebola
and protecting our members, nurses and the populations we serve.

The Voice of Nurses

We are the only nursing organization that provides full-time lobbying activities on behalf of the nursing profession. In addition to the Ohio Statehouse, we also advocate for nurses directly at the workplace through our collective bargaining efforts.


ONAConnect is a online community and social networking site exclusively for ONA members.  Members can easily network with fellow nurses across the state, find others who share similar interests and use discussion boards to pose questions related to their practice.  Members can log on here.

Experts in Nursing Practice

ONA sets the standard for nursing practice in Ohio. We offer a variety of resources on pressing issues such as safe staffing, workplace violence, patient safety, social media, law and rules and more.

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We provide nurses the tools and resources to become the modern,

in-the-know, connected nurse of today.

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ONAConnect is a nursing social networking space where members can easily communicate and collaborate. Click on the image above to go to ONAConnect!

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Walking – A Book Review of Slow Dancing with a Stranger

By Kathleen Morris, Director of Nursing Practice, Ohio Nurses Association

He recognized his children’s names right up to the end, and he had a lot of them…three daughters, two sons, and two stepchildren.  He could still play a game of cards if it didn’t require too much strategy.  And he walked.  Indoors or outdoors, companion or not, he walked.  His final months were spent in a locked ward with an attached and walled outdoor area, replete with simulated hills and valleys, allowing him to indulge his life-long pastime for taking a stroll, although it may have been the restlessness and urgency induced by his confusion that propelled him forward.  Keep moving.  Don’t slow down.

He was my father and one of the millions of people afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease.

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Always Changing

By Kathleen Morris, Director of Nursing Practice, Ohio Nurses Association

Health care practices, including nursing practice, are altered by the development of new technology, new medications, research outcomes, manifestations of previously unknown disease entities (Remember when AIDS was new? SARS?  Bird flu?), population demographics, and public health concerns…even changes in the resistance of bacteria.  Changes to practice often engender concern among nurses about their scope of practice and accountability for performing new nursing care techniques…

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ONA Launches ONAConnect!

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East Liverpool Nurses Vote to Accept Contract

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OU will monitor Ebola situation

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How much are nurses worth?

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