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The goal of the Affiliate Organization Program (AOP) is to bring together Ohio’s nursing organizations, allowing us to learn from and communicate with each other in a greater capacity.  Certain ONA services are also included as a benefit of the AOP, including opportunities to showcase your organization to nurses across the state, chances to participate at ONA convention, seats on ONA councils, and more!

Today’s nursing profession is more complicated and faster-paced than ever before. Varying interests and challenges within our own profession have at times divided us, and even worse, attempted to disrupt our shared goal: to advance the nursing profession in the service of quality healthcare.

This is why the Ohio Nurses Association (ONA) established the Affiliate Organization Program (AOP).  The AOP is designed to foster a platform for each nursing organization to learn from each other, to communicate in greater capacity, and to take advantage of services that ONA is uniquely positioned to provide.

This year, the AOP will feature two new exciting benefits:  use of ONA’s event app and the formation of the Nursing Summit Council. 

AOP members will now be able to use ONA’s event app via the Eventsential platform for only $50 per event.  Apps eliminate paper waste and give a modern edge to any event.  With ONA’s app, you will have the ability to organize your event’s exhibitors, sponsors, and agenda easily and efficiently. 

Additionally, AOP members will be the founding members of the new Nursing Summit Council.  The Nursing Summit, whose purpose is synonymous with that of the AOP, is traditionally hosted by ONA several times a year.  The AOP should be the true backbone of this event, making an even great collaboration among nursing organizations a real possibility.  Those who serve on the Council will plan, and possibly expand, future Nursing Summits. 

More details can be found in the below materials. To become a member of the AOP, please download and return the Registration Form with payment to:

Ohio Nurses Association
Attn: AOP - Molly Ackley
4000 East Main Street
Columbus, OH 43213 

Affiliate Organization Brochure

Additional Detailed Information

Registration Form

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