A priority of the Ohio Nurses Association’s Continuing Education department is to provide resources to Provider Units to keep them up-to-date on information critical to maintaining their status as an Approved Provider Unit.


The below files include samples of disclosures that might need to be made prior to a CE event, commercial support agreement, joint provider agreement, terms and conditions for speakers/authors, and an Excel spreadsheet to track your provider unit statistics, as well as a “Crosswalk” to help the provider unit understand the basic differences between the 2012 Provider Manual and forms and the 2015 Provider Manual and forms.

Also, below are several tools that an Approved Provider Unit might find helpful in monitoring the progress of a new Nurse Planner or periodically check on the adherence to the criteria and rules by different Nurse Planners in the provider unit. These tools are not designed to indicate approval of an activity. They are merely to help you to determine if the Nurse Planner is indeed adhering to all ANCC criteria and OBN rules.

Samples, Resources & Tools

2013 2015 criteria crosswalk

Terms and Conditions for Speakers

Commercial Support Agreement.Sample

Documenting Needs Assessment

Quality Measures Tool

2015 Activity Documentation Form.Revised 050216

2015 Activity DocForm.Sample.SANErev050216

Primary Nurse Planner and Nurse Planner – Position Descriptions  


Appendix A.Self Assessment Tool

Appendix B.Sample Organizational Chart

Appendix C.Sample Position Statements

Appendix D.Sample Joint Provider Agreement

Appendix E.Sample Disclosure Statement

Appendix F. Conflict of Interest Decision Tree

Appendix G.Content Integrity Standards

Appendix H.Sample Summative Evaluation

Appendix I.Guidelines for Phamacotherapeutic

Appendix J. Gap Analysis Worksheet

Information on Educational Grants

Periodically provider units seek unrestricted educational grants from commercial entities for their CE activities. These entities are familiar with ACCME criteria (physician CE process) and not with the ANCC CE criteria. When they ask who your “accreditor” is for your nursing CE event, please list your provider unit and the contact person or administrator of your provider unit.

If you list ONA, then send ONA information requiring the CE Director’s signature, tax ID information, etc., in order to get the money for your activity. Since ONA is not involved in seeking the grant, ONA should not be listed.