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Questions about benefits can be directed to Molly Ackley, Director of Communications at 614-448-1041 or mackley@ohnurses.org.

Questions about joining ONA, dues and account information can be directed to the Membership Department at 1-800-430-0056 or membership@ohnurses.org.

Joining the Ohio Nurses Association means taking charge of your nursing career.  It also means supporting the future of the nursing profession.

Membership provides a multitude of benefits and services - all with the aim to make you a highly educated, well-rounded, modern nurse.    

Membership also provides a means for the advancement of your profession.  Your dues support advocacy efforts for the progressive future of Ohio's registered nurses.  

Discounts and privileges are also thrown in, because who doesn't like a good savings now and then?  

Take a look at what we give our members, what we do for our members,  and what members do to make a difference with their membership.  

We hope you decide to join us.      

What we give our members 

Discounts and Privileges on:

  • Professional Liability Insurance

  • Insurance programs 

  • Ohio Drug Card - Statewide Prescription Assistance Program (PAP)

Professional Development Tools, including:

  • Continuing education, both in person and online, at a discounted member price

  • Up to a $140 savings on certification through ANCC  

  • Discounts at nursebooks.org

  • Access to ONA's Career Center 

Free Publications, including:

  • Subscription to the Ohio Nurses Review - a $15 value

  • Subscription to the American Nurse - a $20 value

  • Subscription to the American Nurse Today - a $18.95 value

  • Online access to the OJIN - the Online Journal of Issues in Nursing

  • Email newsletters, such as Member Updates and The Scope - our practice e-newsletter 

What we do for our members 

Advocate for you and your patients by:

  • Lobbying on both a state and federal level on issues important to nursing and health care

  • Representing nurses where it matters, including environmental groups, the Department of Labor, the Ohio Board of Nursing and others.

Guide the profession by:

  • Addressing workplace issues, such a workplace violence, safe patient handling, needlestick injuries and many more.

  • Authoring the Legal Regulations Guide - encompassing everything Ohio nurses need to  know about practice in Ohio.  

  • Collecting data, such as Ohio hospital's safe staffing plans to provide data about the safe staffing law in Ohio.

How our members make difference 

  • By getting involved with their district by attending meetings and continuing education events.

  • By getting involved with ONA by being apart of councils, committees and other groups that help drive the association and the profession.

  • By joining the Be the Change - a grassroots advocacy network for RNs and others who support the profession.

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